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I put this page together to share with friends, neighbours and our community to support local businesses who might be struggling during these uncertain and disruptive times. I would like to stress that I am not affiliated with any of the above-listed businesses, but I am friends with some of the owners and frequent many of these myself. I also have not ordered from all listed businesses, so I am urging you to please let me know if you have any experience you'd like to share, both positive and negative, or if you feel that in any way social distancing or your safety have not been respected during your interaction with them. You can use the below contact form for any feedback on the page or any of the vendors.  

I will add new businesses to this website every couple of days. If you are a business owner and your circumstances change, or you just want to be removed, please let me know. Please note that I am not adding restaurants and places doing take out food, as there is a separate list created by Halifax ReTales for that purpose (find it here)

When picking up orders, please be patient with vendors as they are working things out. Not all items will always be available, and things change, so bear that in mind when ordering. Also, please try to order for 2 weeks ahead, to allow for planning and avoid overcrowding small spaces designated for pick up. This video is a great resource to watch with regards to how to safely handle produce and groceries. If at all possible, allow for items to sit in your garage or basement for 3 days before bringing them into your living space. Lastly, while we all try to reduce waste, many businesses might be hesitant to handle your reusable bags. Please be respectful of their decision to decline your bag, and be mindful they are doing this to protect themselves and others.

While we are all getting together to support these businesses and try to assure they get through these insane and uncertain times in one piece, let's remember that they are all making themselves vulnerable by providing us with their wonderful products.

Stay safe, everyone, and if you can, stay home.






   Questions? Feedback? Contact me by email.

Know any local vendors offering online ordering? Let me know here and I'll add them!

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